Monday, October 06, 2008

dinner with sub-dean

It can be good having mondays off as it means I can attend events which normally takes place on weekdays evening.

Today I attended a dinner organized by the international students sub dean in leeds university. All the medics in my house (5 of us) attended the dinner and we went there and back by taxi (reimbursed by the university)!

The meal was so-so. Buffet style. I'm not a real fan of Indian food. But since we paid so much for our tuition fees, we must make use of whatever free meals/services they provide us right?

From left, me, Yau, Steph, the professor, Esther, Man Hon (my s'porean batchmate) and Cindy


Kong said...

Free meals? My medic son talks exactly like that. So I guess all medic students from Sarawak think alike? And he has only been in UK for less than a fortnight.

Janice said...

I hv a fellow m'sian medic from Kuching, but he nvr bothers to attend this kind of events. but i guess all Asian international students in general think alike. haha. coz my friends from s'pore are like that too! Can't blame us international students from Asia coz the fees are really expensive!