Saturday, October 25, 2008

I have been worrying too much until I'm just too stressed and I can't relax. Every minute to me is gold. I agonized over every minute which was lost and forgot to appreciate the things happening in the present time.

I have got 4 critical analysis, 4 precis (left), 1 reflective commentary, 4 more group presentations, 1 grand SSC presentation, 1 3000 words ethics SSC and a spot test all ending on the 3rd of dec (except that SSC grand presentation which is on the 11th Dec i think). on top of that, I have got my 20 hours part-time work which take up 4/5 of my week days evening and Saturdays and a full-blown hectic uni timetable.

I hope people would understand how stressed I am. Very sorry if I have snapped at you. Future apologies to those I'm yet to snap at too. -.-"


yaucc86 said...

don't so stress!! dobn't so stress!! Ben and Jerry will help! Ice cream can release stress.. need space in fridge?.. err i try my best to squeeze space for u to keep ur ice cream and to keep u out of stress la~ "go hou le ba" hehe

Janice said...

hahaha..thank you thank you. ben and jerry will keep me coooooool