Wednesday, October 29, 2008

this is ridiculous!

This was my workplace for the past 3 months...

and also will be for the next few months to come.... :(

so freaking cold I tell you. Standing outside working for 2.5 hours at 2 degree celcius is enough to make an ice statue of me. I have worn a few layers thick but still I feel so cold! I wana complain!!! Why is it that the machine gets to be inside the building (and have a fan to blow when it overheats) when we humans have to work outside the cold until our face and fingers and toes are so numb and stinging with pain! Why isn't the company building the tent they promised us when winter comes to keep us warm! how can the company expect us to work efficiently when we are feeling so cold! How can the manager expect us to work without break until all the work is done! This is so ridiculous! I protest!!!

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