Wednesday, April 12, 2006 annoyed with the librarian in the library now...

Just now I was online-ing when she suddenly sort of asked me , 'who put the chair here(beside me)?' I just mumbled, 'don't know' and she gave me some sort of irritated look. wah...she thinks I put the chair there and purposely left it there for her to put back ar? If me I surely put back one 'qi shi ren', as if she's accusing me of simply putting the chair around. So irritated already. Just now made a stupid mistake in maths test. sigh. Feeling pulling out all my hairs on my stupid mistake. 8 marks GONE. sigh. Then when I wanted to go online, all the computers were occupied, and one of the juniors wasn't really using the computer. Just chatting and surfing the web aimlessly. Grrr...waited for half-an-hour to go online.

Don't feel like going to college tomorrow. Bio not yet finished. Chem not yet started with Unit 5 revision.

die lo

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