Wednesday, September 22, 2010

it's my 5th yr in med school already


this blog is officially declared dead and am ready to sign a death and cremation form.

wa so super lame -.-"

Anyway, i have now started fifth year and have just started placements. It's interesting to see myself growing each year and being able to tackle things which I thought I would not be able to.

I remember i used to be so scared at taking blood pressure because I fear that by not being accurate it would cost someone's life. lolz. But now it's no more the blood pressure, thank goodness. But i guess it's more on being able to confidently say and elicit signs in patients.

Hopefully with more practice and exposure, I will be more confident.

I cant believe in 9 months time i would be graduating to be a doctor. Again, if all goes well :)

PS: I will be going off facebook for a while until further notice haha. I think I have been spending a lot of time on it until it affects my quality of life - not going out to enjoy the fresh air, always hiding in my room etc