Thursday, March 08, 2012

I have lots of things to blog about but the problem with me is that these thoughts are random and they disappear as soon as they appear in my head. I can never complete a sentence without jumping to the next. So I have got lots of drafted blog posts which are never complete :(


can you believe it's march already?! the thought of me ending f1 and entering f2 sends me hyperventilating. It's not because I'm not ready for f2, but because I haven't got most of my skills in my eportfolio signed off. Not to mention the elearning which I'm supposed to do once a week...eeks. I guess honeymoon period is over for me now. my life is starting to get a little busier now coz I realised I need to start focusing and planning ahead. there are a few goals in mind and I hope to achieve them by the end of f1/start of f2.

I have kinda settled down in Hull now. I'm starting to like this place although it's rather small and boring. But it's a good place for shopping and surprise surprise I found friends here in Hull. I thought it would be just me and Esther for the whole year but we somehow managed to make friends with the bruneians and malaysians here. One of them is even from Miri! my hometown! such a small world. So thankful to God for the community He has blessed me with. Also for the friends and the job He has given me. What more could I ask for :) :)