Friday, November 18, 2005

BIG THANKS to everybody!

This post is espeically for those who sent me those sweet messages, ecards and presents on my birthday. Aw...thank you all soooo much....i thought you guys forgotten my birthday already. i guess i was just wrong. thank you all who remembered my birthday! cheers! Friends forever!

Just want to specially thank a few people here:
Yen Bee, Thank you for celebrating my birthday in college. This is the first time ever my birthday was celebrated in the midst of friends...thanks you sooo much...Thank you also for the wonderful presents you bought for me. It's so kind of you to spend a considerable amount of money on my birthday and to find time to find the appropriate presents for me..*touched*

Mayumi, thank you for the necklace and the wonderful birhtday card you sent me. It's sooo lovely and nice and my friends and sister commented how nice it is! Thank you so much for your i've gonna rack my brains to send you a present for your birthday next year.

thank you all my friends who celebrated my birthday with me and also those who sent sweet sms messages and ecards for my birthday. I hope i didn't miss out anyone here...if there is, don't be mad at me... thank you Lynda, Joyce, Sheena, Doreen, Jennifer, Ai fei, Nai Hui, Yen Bee, Meera, Zack Tiang...for remembering my birthday!May God bless you all!

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