Friday, January 06, 2006

Finally the first post for 2006!

Since the first day of school,no, should be the first day of this year, i've not been able to go online to post entry in my blog. hmmm...I purposely stayed back in school to transfer songs from Lynda's laptop and go online in the library using my laptop. Pity USB port got something wrong... so in the end i didn't manage to transfer any songs...sigh...anyway...i managed to ask Lynda to identify the songs which i copied from Nai Hui and she managed to identify 7/8 (?) songs...CHEERS!

My exams will be starting on the 16th of Jan and my interview on the 17th! Getting really tensed up now *difficulty breathing* , dunno whether i can manage to finsih studying or not. Although i'm the only one taking a total of 5 units only...i think my revision is no better off than those taking 9 units...sigh...the lesser the things i have to study, the lazier i become..sigh...compared to last year June during my AS exam, i studied 1 month before and did all the past years ler!

Ok... i wanted to write this earlier but didn't manage to go online. Anyway, i'll just post it here although it's a bit belated.

My resolution for 2006:

1. Study hard to get 4A's in A level
2. Grow closer to God...perhaps join the Punctuation ministry in DUMC or maybe serve in the children church there
3. Do well in the interview...hopefully can get 4 offers from all 4 unis... :P *quite hard to accomplish this mission*
4. Make more friends..more sociable and more friendly
5. Learn to type more 106 words per minute (note to Steph: I wanna beat Andrew! hehe)
6. Improve my computer knowledge..probably learn how to format a hard disk (know a bit already) and also learn to use microsoft processor

Yea..i think that's all for this year...too much is dificult to accomplish right? ok..gotta go already..need to look up some info for my interview...tata...

Oh yea...i just found out what's causing my 'allergy'. Last night i was reading Esther's 1440+ pages medical book and found that it's indeed's actually caused physicall. For eg, when i use a blunt instrument to rub my skin or scratch my skin, red, small wheals will appear. yea...and I did a small 'experiment' i rubbed one small part of my hand using my finger and minutes later, an elevated surface of the skin appear...looks swollen...i repeated experiment this time using the tip of my finger nail to scratch one line on my elevated surface with the shape of a fine line appear...hypothesis proved correct. Conclusion: the irritating rashes i've been enduring for the past few months is *drum rolls* urticaria caused physically.

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