Wednesday, August 15, 2007


currently reading this book:

'I kissed dating goodbye' - Joshua Harris

I've read 1/3 of the book and it's given me insights on certain things to ponder on.


on another note, I was looking through all my past blog entries and realised that my blogging style has kinda changed over the past one year. I think I used to blog to grab people's attention. But now, dunno, maybe I still do but it's more on updating my family and friends back home on my life in Leeds.


my Royal Mail interview:

Many people hv told me that UK job interview is different from M'sia. And yea, it is, esp for big and prestigious companies.

I was asked to give many examples and experiences where I was in a team, working alone, safekeeping valuables (such as confidential documents, cash etc), meeting deadlines (how I manage to meet them and when I realise that I can't meet them what do I do), times when I've made someone upset and how I deal with it...many more.

the whole interview lasted almost 30 min. The interviewer was friendly and as we stood on the stairs overlooking the whole Royal Mail mail sorting 'factory', he explained some of the duties of the people working.

If I got the job, the working hours are mon-fri/sat, 4 hours per day, starting either at 4.30pm or 6pm. The manager wasn't sure of the pay but said it is around 150 pounds per week on a 20-hour contract (that's quite a lot!).

By next week I would know the result of the interview. Keeping my fingers crossed.


boo said...

It is a good book...

Daddy said...

That is a good book! I hope you finish reading it.

I hope your interview went well. Even if you don't get the job, it doesn't really matter. It is part of getting experience. I suppose you can answer quite well as I believe you have gone through all those thing in real life. If you get the job, you need to find out how to go there in LS9.