Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ilkley trip

After our trip to Manchester, Jennifer followed me down to Leeds and stayed there for a few nights.

The only thing Leeds (or rather Yorkshire) is famous for is its beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

So off we went to Ilkley with Lynda and her monkey, Jen Yin and Chew Fatt.

Ilkley Moor is safe to hike. There's very low chance of getting lost but one has to be aware of some sheep poos on the ground.

But other than that, the scenery on top of the hill was superb!

beautiful green trees

I like this pic the most

nice view from top but it was cold!

clear stream of water

some photos I took, still yet to collect some from Lynda:

Lynda - 'my monkey must see the world with me'

Jennifer - always shy in the camera but I took this candid shot of her before she could turn away

me =)

It was a great trip but we couldn't stay there long because I had work later that evening.

I don't want to leave this place...!


ah well...I being lame again

Manchester trip

I finally have time to sit down, edit photos and write an entry on this.

Last week (15-17th March) I was in Manchester again.

London has london eye. Manchester has Manchester eye

I wouldn't want to step my foot down on Manchester again if not because I have to meet my old secondary school classmates Jennifer and Sheena and dim sum in the famous Tai Wu

Sheena, me and Jennifer

First time meeting Jennifer in UK and I haven't seen her for ages! She has grown quite tall now :P. Used to remember that she was shorter than me in form 2 when she suddenly had some exponential growth and shot straight up!

Manchester has become boring for me as I walked down those same old highstreets and this time I'm more aware at how polluted Manchester air is.

Anyway, the highlight of the trip was the visit to Manchester United stadium at the Old Trafford.

I'm personally not a Manchester fan myself and ain't any football fan.

But without a trip to Man U stadium, my trip to Manchester would be incomplete.

When we got off the tram at Old Trafford, we thought the Man U stadium was like this:


how ignorant we were.

But then we realised we had to walk 1km to reach the real stadium.

phew. At least our 2.10pounds fare was not wasted when we saw how grand the stadium looked.

I realised that the red seems to be the most used colour in the stadium.

everywhere you see, it's red red red.

the floor is red:

the door is red:

The toilet is red:

not to mention the advertisement and seats are red too!

some pics I took:

red again.

Ronaldo's jersey

The stadium tour was alright and reasonably priced at 7 pounds for the tour and museum. At the end of the trip we got a cert to 'certify' that we joined the tour.

this is to certify Janice that she has successfully and safely and obediently completed the tour not like some China tourists who left halfway during the tour

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

i miss them...

I miss my housemates...

3 have gone.

one going soon in October.

the house is getting quieter and quieter.