Wednesday, February 11, 2009

so not professional!

I realised that I'm so not professional when it comes to examination!


First, it's percussion!

medics usually just percuss twice on their finger. So it goes like this: knock knock. But I unconsciously do 'knock knock knock'. I din realise it until my friend told me, 'eh janice, tak professional la, fy1 kata percuss 2 kali baru professional! (translate: eh Janice, it's not professional! the fy1 doctors said that only percuss twice to look professional!).

not only percussion, there's also another peripheral nervous system examination which I unconsciously revealed my 'unprofessional' side. There is this part where we touch the patient with a cotton wool and a blunt pin and we tell the patient, 'this is sharp and this is soft. now i'm going to do it on your legs and with your eyes closed, can you tell me if it's sharp or soft?'

so when i poked the patient, I poked her twice.

'is this sharp or soft?' (poke poke)

'how about this, is this sharp or soft?' (poke poke)

then my friend commented again. 'Eh, Janice, be professional! Poke once only!'

I dunno since when i started this bad habit of poking people twice or percussing more than twice! not good! Must must must change before OSCE!

I guess it's the same for when some people talk, they put in lots of erm... or so... or *insert repeated words u know of*and some people write blogs with 'haha' or 'hehe' behind almost every sentence even though there's nothing funny about that sentence! Some ppl laugh very loud in a conversation. in my opinion it ultimately reveals that the person is insecure and has low self esteem! damn! I must remind myself of some positive things about myself everyday to boost my confidence!


William said...

Ya, you are right about your observation. I also think that those people lack confidence, insecure and probably low self esteem.

You can overcome those double poke and triple knock... just make a conscious effort. Once you are aware of it you know how to overcome it. The worse are those you are not aware of them yet. So, thanks those who pointed it out to you. And ask them to point out areas that is not "good".

Vincent said...

hi, i'm vincent from miri. i found your blog through william's blog. wondering, why we cant poke patient for more than twice? of coz we should not percuss non stop. but twice might be not enough for us to listen the proper sound right? that's my idea.

FM Luder said...

Haha I have this vision of you poking the patient...


Vincent said...

of cos, we're percussing that many times. but twice is not enough to make up liver dullness and cardiac dullness right, as we have to compare the space above and the space below.

Janice said...

Oh, what i meant was that percussion on the SAME part more than two times is not so professional. I think listening to the percussion notes twice on the same part is jz enough coz u will be able to hear if it's resonant, hyperesonant or dull. Percussing a few times, twice each time, on DIFFERENT parts of the body is perfectly fine coz u hv to compare and also to estimate the liver and heart borders. i hope i hvnt confused u too much lol ;P

Vincent said...

i got what u mean. and thanks for ur explanation. at least ur article make me go through my books and friends to confirm my method. there might be some variation, but at least i got some professional info from u! haha.. good luck. hope u will show more info in the future.