Saturday, May 23, 2009

the day we became aunties

8.30am in the morning in front of M&S.

Why is there a queue outside?

View towards M&S: By 8.50am, the queue became longer. note carphonewarehouse shop

view away from M&S: the queue was getting longer

even up to the corner of CPW!

Everyone got up early just to wait for M&S to open their doors at 9 because there was a 3-day 1p bazaar going on at M&S to celebrate their 125th anniversary!

We wanted to go on Thursday but couldn't get up so on Friday (which was the last day of the 3-day sale) we were determined to go. By the time M&S have their next 1p sale we would have died by then (the next sale might fall on their 250th anniversary). so we didn't want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pay a visit down M&S at 8.20am in the morning.

In the end what we got was so-so. I wasn't that overly excited over the stuff I bought. There weren't many choices to buy from so I hastily grabbed the 5 things we were limited to. M&S appeals largely to the middle-aged group so there were many old aunties and uncles there queuing up. So it wasn't surprising the stuff I bought look so aunty!!

the scarf I bought. polka dots. welcome back to the 80's! lol


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Jon said...

And I thought they make sweets only =O

Anonymous said...

Teresa : You can always pass over the polka dots and make Mummy looks younger? Hahaha