Wednesday, December 23, 2009

fattening up

I thank God for the dinners which I have attended over the past few weeks. There will be more dinners this week as Christmas is round the corner. I have Christmas eve, Christmas day and boxing day evening booked for potluck! A blessing to have people to celebrate Christmas with but at the same time I have to watch my weight.

My sisters, CF and I had a go at fine dining. It was the first ever fine dining experience for me and the food were brilliant! great team effort in making this fine dining a success!

the menu

the food!

ate until we burst. We bought two legs of lamb which were on half price sale. We couldn't finish the lamb that night and took it home. It lasted for another 3 meals! Leg of lamb is seriously good; it has not much fat and the meat is so tender! Am thinking of buying one leg and saving it for daddy when he comes up in June hahaha. Daddy will give the verdict on whether it's good or not. 1000000 times better than the ribs of lamb we eat in Miri.

Early Christmas presents. See the happy faces


I baked chocolate cupcakes and brownies last week! They tasted surprisingly good but I wouldn't dare to think of the calories content. I know the chocolate brownies has got 325gm of sugar and 150gm of dark choc inside *shudders*. I know it's fattening but I love anyhting that has chocolate inside! the more chocolate-y the better!!

Oh I had a go at making mian pok but i think it didn't turn out like the one in town. I supposed it's because I din use lard (real oil from the fat of the pig) but then again it will be very unhealthy if I use it. Hmmm...

I will end with two pic of 'diners club' photos. If you notice, both pics were not taken in our house! hehehe. Esther made a point when she said it feels weird when we go to people house to eat instead of us staying put in our house and waiting for people to come. It's good coz we dun hv to worry too much about disturbing our housemates and eating at different friends' house makes dinners more interesting and exciting! However, to attend dinners at others' house will need an extra effort from myself to battle the cold weather outside.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


Gabriel said... so happening ler. haha...

William said...

I bought a chunk of lamb shoulder meat when I last went there. It was so tender and I couldn't believe that it was that good. Eating lamb at home is expensive and not good quality. Now the shoulder cost almost 3 pounds per kg. So expensive!
Ok, buy one freezer full of lamb and wait for us to go! hahaha... Chistmas is good and enjoy yourself. God bless u all!

Janice said...

Gab: it's hols for us now so the one left in leeds are bored stiff. What else can we do than dinner when we've got the time?

daddy: it's 4.99 per kg here! jz now i went to sainsbury but they only hv two legs left. I din buy them in the end. No place to put in the freezer ohhh. sob sob

William said...

That is RM30/kg. Slightly more expensive than the "old lamb" here. Good buy lah!
I like your fine dinning! Nice looking and I am sure that they tasted great.