Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hi guys!

I'm back from Vienna! I'm totallly knackered with a slight headache probably due to dehydration. But I hope with a good rest tonight, I will be able to resume to my revision. I was so worried that the volcanic ash would cause cancellations in flights but thank God nothing happened and we went and arrived back safely!

The presentation went quite well. One of tutors reminded us many times to introduce ourselves as medical students so that the expectations on us were not high. But still, we were still shot with questions and my groupmate tactfully answered them!

That's me with my groupmates, Adam and Candice . Steph is the one taking the pic. Look at our excited faces!! We have finally made it there

now with Steph

The posh hotel where the conference was held! We had to pay 70 euros just for one day

This year marks the 50th year that MH was first described in 1960 by a doc in Aussie.

We sat and listened to all the talks in the morning for our presentation at 4pm

One of our supervisor in Leeds for this presentation who is the chair of the afternoon session. Apparently he's one of the 'big cheese' as my groupmates call it which I think means he has control and power over the whole conference. Knowing that we were unable to handle the questions due to our inexperience, he quickly cut off everyone's questions by telling everyone that time was running out and the next group should present.

My SSC tutor! He was promoted to being a consultant a few months ago.

The whole group from Leeds.

At the end of the conference, many people came up to our group to congratulate us on our good work. My tutor told us that there haven't been any students coming to their annual conference for some time already.

I guess this would be the highlight of my academic years in leeds. God has indeed blessed me with so many opportunities which I never thought I could have. I'm sure when I graduate I would have a lot of opportunities to attend conferences overseas, but for a medical student to be given such chance is something I would never dream of.

PS: I received an email from the uni that they have approved my Student Conference Fund award of £100. It cannot cover my full cost but it's still something. Thank God for that too!


ngyangmin said...

wow awesome!!

Teresa Ting said...

Well done, Janice. We are all very proud of you.

You look so lovely and beautiful in the photos. This will be a very good exposure and contribution to your resume.

William said...

I am very proud of you... keep it up.

Henna Tan said...

waseh!! =) janice, i wanna give you a hug now!

Janice ♥ said...

Yang Min: thanks! the word 'awesome' really sums the whole experience.

Daddy and mummy: now i dun regret coming to Leeds hahaha

Henna: awww...*hugs back* thanks Henna!