Tuesday, October 05, 2010

my room

I have finally left my old house which I have inhabited for 4 years. The room i'm living now is slightly cheaper and smaller than the previous one but overall, I'm very pleased with my new room because,

1. it's less crowded (one person less), hence more space!
2. it gives a more homely feel
3. the cupboard and table the landlord provide us are huge!

the tables are now near the heater so it's less cold when studying! note the double glazed window!! hopefully winter will be more bearable this year. The bed sits just nicely at the corner

bigger floor space for Esther to hula hoop lolz and play board game/cards ad. There's even space for the guitar!! *gasp* hahaha. But note the small entrance into the space (in the picture on the right) which is limited by the edge of the bed and a shoe rack

My table!! as you probably might have forgotten how my table in my previous room look like, let me refresh your memory again:

the table with no place to put my laptop and books but i managed to get through 4 years of med school with it.

My new table:
I know Esther will be like yaya, you have told us so many times already :P but I'm super duper pleased & happyx1000 with my table! there's even enough space to put my bookchair, my books, my bears, my stationery, laptop and even write on the table without having to move anything away! :):):):):)



William said...

I am happy you are happy.

mousie said...

yaya haha

mousie said...

where are your furry friends? haha

Janice ♥ said...

my furry friends r right behind the bookchair. not many left ad coz i gave them to people