Sunday, February 20, 2011

The jobs allocation for foundation year came out last week and I got Hull!

For a while i wasn't very pleased with the results because Hull wasn't my first 50 choices (it was my 197th choice) and I wanted a paeds job in one of the districts in west Yorkshire. But after looking at the rotation I got, I felt that I should be grateful that I was given banded jobs (which means there are on calls, hence more experience n money lol) and my rotation consists of endocrinology, elderly n surgery which are quite good rotations in my opinion. So I am actually very happy with the allocations.

However I just realized today that I won't be able to go back to Leeds/Bradford (west yorkshire) in my fy2 as hull is categorised under the north Yorkshire deanery so I will be doing my fy2 training in the districts of north Yorkshire. It means that I will need to rebuild my network of friends and community. It also means I will be leaving Leeds for at least 2 yrs n might need to leave the responsibilities I have been entrusted upon as it willbe inconvenient for me to travel to and fro between hull n Leeds. I will not be there to witness the 'blooming' of my medics juniors as they enter phase II of med school n graduate. It's something like planting a flower from a seed and not being able to see it blossom.

I guess I have become very fond of Leeds afterall. Steph is working in Leeds next year so there's a place to stay when I come over for a visit. But I think what I will miss most would be serving God and His people in Leeds.


Kington said...

When you go we'll miss you janice!

William said...

Haha... it just shows that you can't have the best of both world all the time. Give thanks and praise to God in all circumstances. Amen.

5 years in one place is quite long and growing fond of it is very natural. Good to move on.