Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ok exams over, now what?

many people have asked me what have I been doing since exams ended last thurs.

To be honest and I think everyone would agree, the busier times are usually after exams and not before because there are so many things to sort out and that includes Hull accom, employment contract and the upcoming Germany trip.

But every single day after exams we have been blessed with good food.

nasi lemak at Bette's house. I went over to learn some cooking tips from her. hehehehe. will try cooking it one day

MH the masterchef

yummy roast leg of lamb. It was really good!

we cooked for the house and Steph gatecrashed our dinner by suddenly turning up in front of our door

Next week the 3 sisters will be off in Germany and we haven't planned the itinerary for it yet. But the good thing is that we got accommodation and transport sorted.

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