Friday, September 30, 2011

dear patients

dear patients,

i wish you could stop pulling out your cannulas or NG tube because you know how difficult it is to put one in and yet you do not appreciate our effort and time in helping you get better.

I wish you could leave some sweets/chocolates (preferably not celebrations but Thorntons or something better or home bake food please) for us before being discharge because who knows it will be our lunch when it gets busy on the ward.

I wish you would know us by our first names instead of doctor coz it sounds more personal and it makes us feel more appreciated because you bothered to look at our name card.

I wish you would help us ease our burden by allowing the phlebs take your blood instead of requesting doctors to do it.

I wish you would know that there's no point trying to fake a pain because we know you are.

I wish you could differentiate us between nurses so that you do not call me a nurse whenever I walk past you.

I also wish that you wouldn't trouble us with things like trying to get to the toilet/commode but wait patiently for the nurses to respond to your buzzer.