Sunday, August 05, 2012


sorry for the lack of updates recently. I have been quite busy with work, moving house and unpacking. Yes I have finally settled down in York. *wipe sweat off brow* it was so tedious. Never again will we rent an unfurnished house. But then again, with the expensive rental in York, we were not willing to fork out at least 450pounds per month for a room each.

I'm starting off with paeds which is a total whole new world for me. I'm so used to adult medicine that my brain automatically thinks of everything adult. Even prescribing meds and fluids is so troublesome as everything goes according to body weight. I have yet to start venepuncture or cannulation on children. I find it quite exciting though as it will be very challenging to perform these on them. Hopefully my eardrum will come out in one piece by the end of placement though.

Again the thought of leaving UK for good has been haunting me. not just one but a few people I know are leaving/have left UK to start work in Spore. Everything sounds too good to be true there-the lucrative salary, the allowances and lower taxes. I know if I go back I will face hectic working hours, the fierce competition for training posts (and difficulty getting into a training programme) and not-so-friendly seniors. But will I be a happier person there? Is spore close enough to be called 'home'? Is it a place where I can finally settle down and do not have to worry about the constant move? How about Australia? will it be a better choice than spore? but again i'm a bit sick and tired of being on ang-moh land.


YM said...

hey i have the same dilemma too!

Did any of your friends manage to get into training posts?

William said...

Ahhh... finally you do some updates! If possible, stay back as long as you can to get specialist training. That is my thought at the moment.