Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The answer for Matthew's age is 45. Haha. You all got it all wrong except for the biotechnologist in my chatbox who probably enlarged the pic and scrutinized Matthew's skin, confirm his age.

Well, I wanted u to guess the pic not because of pure leisure but I wanted to know Matthew's average age in people's perception. When I first saw Matthew I also thought he was 30 or perhaps in his late-twenties. Only after I had a conversation with him then I knew he was much older:

Me: Hey, I saw you walking into the crèche room the other day in church! (that time i was in Pentecostal church)
Matthew: Is it? Did I go into the crèche room the other day? *frowning*
Me: Yeah, you were walking so fast and then you disappeared into the room! I guess you were looking for your children.
Matthew: children?!! They have long left creche!
Me: ??!!!! *bewildered*
Matthew: They are 17, 19 now...

I never dared to ask his age until when he told me recently that he had a granddaughter, it stroked my curiosity again.

Lo and behold he was 45! Indeed it's so hard to believe that. I told him that he looked too young to be 45 and he said many people have told him before. Then he said the reason (read carefully if you want to know the reason to look young. Haha):

"God told me that He will reduce my age by 15 years"

"He wanted to preserve my life so that I could do more work for Him"

How amazing! It's indeed amazing to witness of God's power in Matthew! Nothing is impossible for God!

As far as I know, Matthew is a one of Christian leader in his church and he chairs meeting occasionally to mission trips to Africa. I asked him how did he know God wanted to reduce his age and he said, 'well, if you listen to Him long enough, you can hear God telling you what He wants.'
Matthew told me that he and his wife have experienced God's power in their life and he could write books of what God has done for him.

As what Psalm 84:11 says, "No good thing shall he withhold from those whose walk is blameless."

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