Thursday, May 01, 2008

preparing for D-day

My table and files are finally cleaned and sorted.

more space to study if I take the laptop away

It's time to study.

PS: Please pray for me to focus in my study and for good health also. Feeling very lethargic these few days esp after I got back from work. Weather is getting cranky and cycling in the rain ain't doing my body any good. Thanks!

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William said...

Abba Father in heaven, I want to thank you and praise you for my children. I want your Name to be honored and glorified. I want to humble myself before you and acknowledge that you are the Almighty one.
Father God, I want to commit Janice, Esther and Stephanie into your hands. As they are preparing for their coming exams, I ask Abba Father that you help them to be focus in their studies, grant them good memory, clarity in their thought, godly wisdom from You and knowledge and understanding. Help them to be able to study well and free from disturbances, free from sickness and steadiness in everything they do.
Father God, I also pray that your Holy Spirit will be with them all the time. As they sit for exam, I pray that they will not panic but instead be able to answer all questions accurately and precisely to what are required by the examiners.

Father God, I also pray that you also protect them from any physical harm from the evil ones. Build a hedge around their home so that they are protected by your heavenly angels all the time.

Father God, I pray that all my children will be filled by your Holy Spirit.

In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen