Friday, June 13, 2008


i'm struggling to stay alive under tons of books and notes.

i look as if I'm constipating...oh well...


5 more days to finals!!! I'm going crazy ad!

PS: pic edited already to finish off the coarse outline


JaCeLyN said...

all the best janice! btw, how did you do that pic! very creative...but at the same time, show like you very free to come up with this picture:)

Janice said...

thanks! my brain has been overworked for the past few days due to all the memorising. so hv to relax a bit :p..heheh.

i did it on photoshop. Took two separate pics altogether(one was of me with the actions and the other one was of the books). Then I cut using the magnetic lasso tool on photoshop and place them on a new canvas! to change the size (or the angle) of the two images, jz use the 'free transform tool' from the edit tab. quite straightforward process. heheh.