Sunday, June 08, 2008

June is the month of cakes!!

Seems like there are so many people's birthday in the month of June! It's only mid June and we've eaten 4 cakes!

Steph's white chocolate gateau. Sorry for blur pic coz taken using camera phone

Oreo cheesecake. Picture credits to Melvin.

Oreo cheesecake number 2. Picture credits to Melvin.

Black Forest cake made by Melvin.

white choc gateau made by Steph. Better decoration than the first one (the first pic on this entry)

non-bake strawberry cheesecake made by me! I'm so proud of myself now..haha

All cakes are super nice and what's good about them is that they are all homemade!

Esther must be jumping up and down like mad now coz she's missing all these. Haha :p

update: it's end of June and we've eaten 6 cakes altogether!

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Grace Ling said...

wow~yummy-looking cake...*wided eye*...*drooling*