Thursday, August 07, 2008


You know there's a saying that when you have nothing to talk to an Englishman, talk about the weather.

Well, I have nothing to blog about so I shall blog about the weather!


The weather these days have been bad. It has been cloudy and rainy. Worse still, it rains when I go and come back from work.

no D200. Taken using camera phone at 5.47am on my way back home.

I couldn't be bothered bringing a spare to change my wet pants and thought no one would notice. But I didn't know that people did notice.

'Have you been cycling?' Someone asked me.


'I've noticed that you looked wet. Very wet.'

ooook..So someone did take notice of me being drenched.

Anyway, on another note, daylight is getting shorter now. The sky is already dark by 10pm and only gets bright at about 5am. Compared to last time when the sky was bright by 4am and dark only after 10-ish. I miss those days when daylight is soo long. :(

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Phil said...

You forgot, it's not just Englishman, it's OLD Englishman (and woman)! And it's always the same "oh love, the weather's not so good is it?"... depressing!