Friday, August 22, 2008


This is a picture of the toilet cubicle at my workplace.

why the toilet cubicle picture you may ask? Well, the story goes.....


Colleague 1: Ting, Ting, now it's your turn to go toilet or walk around.

Colleague 2 (imagine the Yorkshire accent): Yeah. I've already gone just now. He's already gone for a walk. Now it's your turn.

me: ermmm....oooook (rather hestitant)

Colleague 1: Just sit outside at the bench there, hold your handphone to your head, pretending you are making a call.

Colleague 2: yeah yeah, now it's the right time coz all the managers are at their meeting (nodding head and looking at me intensely)

Finally I gave in to their persuasion and took my bottle with me (as an excuse to fill my water).

Halfway on my way to the water dispenser, I heard,


I looked back and saw two of my colleagues, both with that mischievous grin on their face (y'know the kind of wide smile with teeth baring and all, yeah, you get the picture), both wide-eyed, both with their hands held up, both with their 10 fingers opened up to me.

'10 MINUTES...10 MINUTES!!!'


That's how I ended up in the toilet cubicle not knowing where to go.

Welcome, my friend, to the world of skiving.

PS: it's finally FRIDAY!!! I'm finally coming home tonight after being on OT for 4 consecutive nights! You know what, this week, RM was very understaffed in the night shift as a total of 24 people (!!! just night shift alone) decided to fall sick. Well, it's up to you to decide whether the sudden adversity was intentional or not. But, next Monday is a bank holiday (hint hint *wink*).


William said...

hahaha... 24 decided to fall sick on the same day! That is amazing!

Phil said...

you stayed in the toilets to skive?! dirty dirty dirty =/

Janice said...

Daddy: on the same WEEK! so all 24 were not in for the whole week!

Phil: Haha. Nah, the toilet was very clean. i couldn't go outside coz it was too cold! and sitting around inside wud be too obvious for the manager ;p

Phil said...

Yeh but... you stayed in the toilets to skive??!!