Tuesday, September 16, 2008

finally an update..haha

Sorry for the blog hiatus and yes Phil, my mould has grown mouldy and i can smell that whiff of mould from faraway.

Anyway, I have been quite busy lately.

1. I was at a friend's wedding last Saturday and it was really good! Will post up photos soon if I have time.

2. my bike front wheel got stolen! I am super duper angry to whoever who stole it! I wonder how much it will cost to have it replaced but I reckon it will be around 70 pounds. I've found some wheels for sell on ebay but they dun come with the disc brake. sigh.....

3. Classes are starting next week! I am so. not. looking. forward to it. I can't imagine the thought of having presentations every week, writing a report every week and reading lots of research papers and meeting my project supervisor for discussion which ( I heard) will last for 4 hours! oh nooooo...I wonder how am I going to cope with my work and uni

okie dokie. I think that's all for me now. Will post up pictures soooooooooooon I hope.

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