Friday, September 26, 2008

remember I wanted to apply for a weekend shift to accommodate my university studies? well, I don't know whether I wrote about it in my blog but I told people about it.

Anyway, I've got a reply from the acting manager.

Just in case the photo isn't clear, the manager can't offer me a weekend duty at the moment. Instead she gave me another duty which is Mon-Sat 1800-2200 (on Sat, 1400-1800).

It's better than nothing I guess at least the duty is fixed and I can plan ahead of time. Besides, the duty is bag-tipping which is the duty I like most. The disadvantages of hvg that duty is that I have to sacrifice my Saturdays and I reach home only at 10.30 every weekday night (except Monday of course).

This, is the major 'happening' in week after class started. Otherwise life this week was bland and monotonous. Class has started and I'm doing reproduction module this term. Come January and I will start my clinicals.


ngyangmin said...

still havent start clinicals wan ar?? i started on 1st sept liao.

Clinicals damn busy wan man. i dunno how u can cope with ur work and ur studies la.

Janice said...

nopeee. wa, u start really fast. At least i still have 3 more months to 'goyang kaki' before clinicals start.

See how first lo...if i can work weekend then it's fine with me. But if not, i might take a 5 months break off work and resume during the 1 month summer hols.