Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year from us all!

yu sheng. first time doing it in UK!

home cooked food!!

steamed sea bass cooked by Steph

ketchup prawns cooked by Jean

butter prawns cooked by Wee Leon. First time in LCCC history I tell you (never see him cook before)! hahaha

spinach cooked by Steph

盐焗鸡 (salt baked chicken? no idea what's the english translation) cooked by steph

stir-fry pork cooked by Lynda

白切鸡cooked by Esther

stir fry tofu with pork cooked by me!

humongous pao or the bamboo steamer!?!? (it looks like a toy but it's 100% real)

11 dishes for 8 people (the steamed sea bass is missing in the pic). we were so stuffed after that.

By the end of this week we would gain a few kilos extra after all the food. It's time to buy clothes one size larger people!


Gabriel said...

wah...very good cook ah u all...make me feel like flying to uk only...Happy Chinese New year!

Janice said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you too! what to do, eating out in UK is too expensive so we hv to improve our cooking skills

FM Luder said...

=q yummmmmmmmmmm... i think at the time you had this i was eating a nasty morrisons pizza =(

u can always get vouchers for restaurants on, but you're right, so expensive to eat out here, especially at the 'arty farty' places!!!

Janice said...

awwww...poor thing. that website is quite cool! i usually rely on for good offers. such a privilege to be a student aye? totally agree with you man! I can't afford to eat at those high end restaurants which serve small portion of food but with a high price tag

My @ddictions said...

cute bamboo steamer...
where do you get it.?

Janice said...

my sister's friend got it from taiwan. it's just the size of a 50 sen coin =P