Friday, January 16, 2009

a very belated New Year post and updates


Happy belated New Year! I must be the last person ever on this planet to wish everyone a happy new year. I wanted to blog about a few things which happened last month as I had the script in my mind but that when I sat down at my laptop and started typing, my thoughts were lost. In the end what I have faced is a huge list of half-written blog entries in my blog account.

There were so many things to blog about but I refrained. Somehow they were very personal and I did not want be blamed for anything for blogging about this and that.

OK! back to topic!

it's a bit too late for me to blog what 2008 what has been to me but I must blog at least of this one of the main event which was Lizzie and Vincent's wedding on the 13th of Sept! (I actually wrote a half written draft on their wedding but deleted it in the end. I have even resized the pictures for the blog entry already! lol)

This was the first time I attended a friend's wedding! Maybe it's just me but I felt really touched when they were exchanging vows. The vows which give an everlasting promise that they will stick with each other even when there is sickness, poverty and ups and downs in their lives. They will go through it together and will never be apart (other than death). I find it very comforting to know that there will be someone (who is your non blood relative) who you can love and share your life with. I can't imagine myself being single all my life. But then again, I can't imagine the life I will have if I chose the wrong man and ended up suffering all my life. I'm a rather conservative person.

Other than that 2008 has been rather hectic for me. I didn't go abroad for holidays but I did go to Birmingham! I have also suffered much under a lot of overtime from my part time work but it has helped me reached my goal of earning just enough money for my 4th and 5th yr, some money for my electives and a return air ticket for myself to go back to Msia this year!


So for 2009, I hope that
1. I could go back to Malaysia! My parents previously said that the reason that they wanted us to stay back during summer is to work and save money to fund our living expenses in 4th and 5th yr. So this year I should be allowed to go back since I have earned enough money right? I'm definitely not going to stay in the stone cold house alone in Aug when everyone in the house is back home! My housemate told me that we hv 2 months holiday for summer which was a really good news. Not finalised though but the medical school seemed very sure about it. I really want to go back!!!

2. I want to go for a holiday abroad (see if I could earn some more money. lol)

3. pass my OSCE exams (I will cry half dead if I fail)

4. go back to cell group and church after missing for more than one year alreadyn =(.


This post is a big long coz I have cramped everything in this one entry. haha. It's not the end yet! Now I'm going to talk about my firms placement :P!

It was interesting but a little tiring. Every morning 4 days a week, I have to be at the hospital by either 8 or 8.30am until 4pm then off to work from 6 until 10pm. Hectic. it's like doing 2 jobs in one day. So far I could still cope with it. However I prefer my firms a lot than the past two years in uni. I get to see real patients and real life cases.

Two things I have known which are of vital importance for firms placement are confidence and initiative.

Confidence, confidence,'s so very important. I must be confident in presenting my case, in talking to patients, in taking bloods, in performing cannulation, in normal conversation with my groupmates, to bleep doctors and even walking around in hospital wards! no slouching please!

I'm also not the kind of person who ask questions and ask favour from people but when I'm thrown into the wards, I'm forced to do those which is very good. I found that English people are not that intimidating after all (lol). But I still struggle communicating with them. Any ideas on how to improve my spoken English or not? I really need to improve my pronounciation!


ngyangmin said...

clerk more patients.

clerk, clerk and clerk. Then get an F1/F2 in the wards to listen to you present.

After a while u'll get the hang of talking to British people.

FM Luder said...

Or maybe they need to improve their listening skills =)

Listen, listen and listen!

Hey, don't overwork yourself in future.

Janice said...

YM: ok! shall do that Yang Min! my ward now not many fy1/2. talking abt presenting cases, i really suck at it man.

Phil: maybe that's true. But sometimes i hv to admit that sometimes my english is soo incoherent that even if very good listening skills, they won't understnad. haha