Sunday, June 13, 2010

freedom is near

daily requirements:
h20 - 30-40mmol/kg
Na - 1-2mmol/kg
K - 1 mmol/kg
Cl- - 1.5mmol/kg
phosphate - 0.2-0.5mmol/kg

0.9% saline contains 154mmol/L Na+, no K+, 154 mmol/L Cl-
5% dextrose does not contain Na, K, Cl
dexSaline - 30mmol/L Na+, 30mmol/L Cl-, no K+

chancroid - gram -ve bacteria Haemophilus decreyi
salphingoctomy - removal of ectopic but preserving tube
salphingEctomy - removal of ectopic AND tube
abdo circumference --> accurate predictor for IUGR

normal range:
Na: 135-145
K: 3.5-5
Cr 70-150umol/L
Ca2+ 2.12-2.65 mmol/L
PaCo2: 4.7-6
T4: 8-22pmol/L
TSH: 0.35-5.5mlU/L
MCV: 80-100fL

ask me these next week, I probably won't be able to answer half of these without referring because my exams will be OVERRRR!!!

Freedom is near. I can smell it.


mousie said...

I can has smell shopping... *sniff sniff*

Janice ♥ said...

i can smell the smell of a burnt pocket when we go on a shopping spree

William said...

sniff sniff ... smell of sweat on the books!

Janice ♥ said...

daddy your joke failed la hahahaha