Saturday, June 05, 2010


I received a total of £560 for my elective funding!!

Wasn't really happy about it at first because 1. it was not what I expected as according to the seniors, they have received much more than this (blame on the economy downturn) 2. my friend managed to receive one funding of £800 and another friend received £250 for just an elective report whereas I am doing a blardy elective project which involves interviewing mothers and writing my findings in the report which i foresee wouldn't be easy! grrr

In an attempt to console myself, £560 isn't that bad because it's a person's monthly salary back home. I should also be grateful of what I got and I shouldn't compare myself with others and no use whining or moaning about why I din apply to this and that when the deadline is over.

Although £560 only covers part of my airticket but it's still better than nothing! So thank God for that! :D


William said...

Good! Better than nothing. It is more than a month salary for many. I think, new doctor only get that kind of pay.

support said...

good word.Keep it up,young girl.

Van said...

will be praying !! xx

Janice ♥ said...

daddy: i think they get paid more than that? I heard it's RM6000 or sth
STP: thanks!
Van: thanks for praying!! i'm so nervous for the OSCE on thurs and Fri!

housematedownstairs said...

Very happy for that! In fact, it's more than what i earn at times too.. and i have to work so hard to get that amount.. so it's considered pretty good already! :)