Tuesday, November 02, 2010

my birthday!!

Very happy and very touched.

Thank you all who came to surprise me. Thank you Van who organised everything (and the cake too). Thanks Sonia and Van who did the make up. Thank you to those who came for dinner at Red Chillies. Thank you Steph for the kuey tiaw and the paitesserie cake and the necklace. And thank you all for the handbag! I am kinda bad at expressing my emotions but I really like the bag!!!!! so soft and it smells like leather hahaha

I din dare to hope so much for fear of disappointment. But am really grateful and appreciative of all the efforts you guys made, especially for coming all the way, braving through the cold and rain to surprise me.



Gabriel said...

wheeeee....happy birthday! :D

Teresa Ting NH said...

Happy Birthday, Janice!


Lots of Love from Mummy