Sunday, December 04, 2011

useless post

ok i should revive this blog coz it's kinda dead.

i should try to blog more often if you dont mind reading rather useless and boring posts. so boring i think i can hypnotize you to sleep.

but anyway! i have worked for 4 months now! I think i have learned a lot now compared to how i was in the beginning although i don't feel it. I remembered when i first started work, a nurse was asking my colleague to listen to a patient's chest because it sounded crackly. I remembered telling myself, 'woah what should I do, i would be so terrified to do anything'. now it will be like, 'cheh, crackles in lungs. nothing one. hahaha' (exaggerating only lol, i won't totally ignore the patient). and another thing i learned is: do not totally follow what the nurses tell you to do. Just because they have eaten more salt in the working environment, doesn't mean you have to do everything what they say. i digress.

dun wana talk about work, i wana talk about the things i bought with my first pay! actually i think it was even before my first pay that i bought them :S. haha. i'm using ipod to take the photos so the quality is quite bad.

i bought a keyboard and a guitar! I think the model is CDP 100. it's a full size keyboard with weighted keys but I don't really like the sound quality from the keyboard as I think yamaha one is better. Otherwise it was a really good keyboard for its price and it came with a stand and headphones too! I bought the guitar after looking on my uni portal ( i still had access that time) and one guy was sellign it second hand! so lucky!

so i thought since i started working, i should start looking after myself more. you know with those nights and winter months coming, I'd better start moisturising my skin and protect it from aging! i spent many hours loitering around the beauty section of a departmental store because i was so scared to approach the sales girl to ask questions HAHA. some of the products had no price tags on and i didn't know what the functions are (clarifying lotion, serum, cleanser, toner etc). who knows later i feel obliged into buying the products before doing proper research on others first.

i then went back and spent countless hours on the internet searching and looking for the best deals. I initially wanted clinique or clarins (but not lancome because steph uses it and i don't want to end up using the same as her LOL) but somehow i saw a few blogs which recommended shiseido and a rather newcomer brand hada labo. Knowing these are not easily available in the UK, i painstakingly searched the internet and managed to find a company which imports them at rather reasonable price.

The borghese cleanser was a rather impulsive buy coz it was on sales and it was quite cheap. I haven't started using it as i'm still using my other cleanser. I love the shiseido moisturising lotion to bits!i hv used a few moisturising lotions before and they are either sticky or cause redness on my face. this one doesn't stick to my face after applying and it's so smooth and absorbs so well! i think it was 37pounds for a 75ml bottle but it's the best i've tried! when i go back msia, i shall stock up on this brand.

the hada labo moisturising lotion (toner) is quite unique i think. It looks and feels like water but it's not. the way you apply the toner is by putting a few drops on your palm and pat it onto your face until it absorbs. i think my skin does feel soft and smooth after applying but i cant really compare to other toners coz this is my first toner.

I think that's all for today! it's been a crazy past one month with work and also shopping! so much shopping until i forgot what I've bought. that's the danger of staying only 5 min from major departmental stores like tk maxx and debenhams. but no worries, i'm also saving money daddy and mummy lol.

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William said...

Well done, Janice.

But I think you should have bought Yamaha. Whatever, bought already. So be it! You need to play music to sooth your brain. That is why we send you to music school.
Ya... update more often. We wanted to read.