Monday, August 07, 2006

First time in my whole life.

I actually woke up at 12.20pm.

I woke up a little earlier and I had the gut feeling that it's quite late, but I didn't know it WAS THAT late. Anyway, I was just lying on the bed when suddenly I heard the sound of the gate opening.


That's the sound of daddy opening the gate outside. It's 12 something already! YIKES!! AND I HAVEN'T COOKED LUNCH YET!

So I quickly jumped out from bed and brushed my teeth. But anyway, it was too late already. Daddy and mummy already got into the house and I could hear them talking.

I didn't know I could sleep until that late. If not because of the night before I only slept..ahem...4 hours then I wouldn't have oversleep. So this morning, no, this afternoon, I was feeling a little drodgy and dizzy, all because I overslept...haih

Din know Janice could sleep sooo long

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