Monday, August 07, 2006

I'd a small mission given by Steph

She told, no, in fact, ORDERED me to help her take photo of her younger self and upload it into my yahoo to send to her.

Before this, she asked Esther to help her. But Esther, apparently the lazier one refused to help. So Steph has to resort to 'threatening' me into uploading the pic for her. Hmph. She was saying that she wouldn't let me sleep in her room if I don't do it for her. Asked me to sleep in the yard instead. So bad.

Anyway, finding the pic for her was not that tough at all. But of course when I told Steph that I took ages finding her pic, I was exaggerating. Heh. Who asked her to threaten me.

The pics are quite nice actually. It shows how much we've grown and changed, esp PHYSICALLY.

I didn't know mum and dad used to celebrate our birthday (as in buy cake) every year. But now we seldom do that anymore. Maybe we have too many siblings already (6 cakes a year!)

Taken when Steph was 1 year old, I wasn't born at that time.

Steph's 2nd birthday, see that lil' baby mum is carrying? I was 1.5 week old, another family member added into the family:

Yay...3 of us celebrating birthday together...hmm...I wonder what happened to all the cakes? Did we manage to eat them all?

another few years later, Jonathan became part of the family too:

sweet memories of last time, we were so cute!:

Just looking at the photos reminded me painfully of how fast time flies.

the small short girl who used to throw tantrums...

has grown into...

a BIG girl :(

NOOooo!! I don't wana grow up!

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