Thursday, August 03, 2006


I know I've not updated my blog for quite some time already (I admit I'm lazy to update...and yes I know steph, no need say already...i can even dream of you asking me to update my blog every night *shudders*)


Just a lil' update of what I did this week:

Mon morning:
went to eat breakfast with Lyn and Phebe. Ate laksa! Tehehe...can you believe that it's the 2nd time eating laksa in my whole life??

Tues night:
SF suddenly called to ask me to go out and 'limteh' with his friends at 'Ming Dien' (former bata shop). Ordered the damn 'Ming Special' (which consists of Teh tarik and some cincau inside) which I WILL NOT EVER order anymore coz I... ahem... couldn't sleep the whole night. *whisper* ( I only managed to sleep at 6.30am in the morning)

woke up at 10 wanting to clean the house to prepare for Lyn coming to my house. Sigh. Only managed to clean 1/4 of the house.

went bowling..weee..I got the last tho :( so cham. Didn't managed to hit a full strike.

SF and YC drove Esther and I to Esplanade coz Esther said she's never been to Esplanade before (?!). Seems like Esther is like a tourist in Miri. She seems to hv forgotten all the places in miri like where's Pelita, Tmn Miri...lucky she can still remember where our house is.

Look! cutee ketam, dunno whether i get to see any of ketam in UK or not:

YC teaching us to hold a ketam...

My friend said the ketam can be eaten wor...

even this?! (pic quite blur)

sunset (yea... I know this pic is not as good as the one taken by daddy):

SF trying to build sandcastle...failed tho..hehe...

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