Saturday, March 07, 2009

this is what you get when you work in the post office

Today I received a packet. It was something which I ordered online a few days ago. Nothing particular except that...

On the outside of the envelope, someone wrote: ' Hello Dr Ting From Steve & Arfan xx'


hahahaha. So cute.

Those were written by my RM colleagues who I used to work with when I did my overtime on nights. They knew it was my house address as they sorted one of my mails before but they didn't dare to write anything on it that time for fear that it might be the wrong person. This time they knew for sure it was my mail and they didn't want to miss the chance.

What a surprise! So cheeky of them! I guess work must be boring for them that they need something to spice their work a little. lol.


FM Luder said...

hahaha! one of the perks of the job i guess!

Gabriel said... nice. must have put a smile on ur face huh? lol...