Saturday, April 04, 2009


- 生命因愛動聽

You are always in our prayers dear Jon. Have faith and be strong!

In just one week, everything changed. First there was that accident. We were relieved that he didn't sustain any injuries and I reassured him that there wasn't anything to be worried about other than his elevated WCC.

Then came the unexpected blood test results. And the bad news.

The whole family was paralysed with shock. Suddenly I realised how fragile human life is. How we must appreciate life and time together with loved ones before it's too late and how we have always taken things for granted. Everytime I think of him I try to fight back tears. I still hope that it was just a bad dream =(

I'm touched by the support, the concerns and the prayers people have given to my family. There are still many things we should be grateful and thankful of in this time of grief. like what my dad said, 'I believe that miracles had been happening all this while'. God has His plans.


Gabriel said...

hi there, will always keep ur brother and family in prayer. No matter what happens, God is always in control and He knows what's the best for us. take care. God bless.

Janice said...

hey thanks. God bless to u too =)