Saturday, April 18, 2009

last week of work

Pink roses given by June (not my good buddy June but another June with the same name) and a card given by the colleagues.

I am touched by the kindness and thoughtfulness of my colleagues. My 1 year 7 months stint in RM has come to an end. One rather cynical guy asked me whether I would cry or not. Then he said, 'well I think you wouldn't cry because you haven't really talked much to many people'

If it was said a few years ago I would agree with him and wallow in self pity. haha. But now those words don't affect me anymore. I'm indeed quiet in Royal Mail but I have made a few good friends in RM who have made work there so enjoyable and fun. These are the people who made me feel so reluctant to leave.

Today while working, I heard my name through the intercom followed by the statement saying that today would be my last day of work (actually not, Saturday is my last day) and something else which I couldn't really catch. My face became so red hot until my friend noticed and said, 'look! her face is turning red!'

Embarrassed, I hid under the table to avoid everyone's stares. I finally got up smiling sheepishly.

I thank God for blessing me with such great people. I will miss them all =(

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William said...

The flowers are so nice!