Friday, September 04, 2009


Bye bye Miri.

bye bye Malaysia.

I will miss everything in it =(

Gonna miss my family:
*insert family picture which I currently don't have in my laptop*

miss my driver hahaha:
forever that blur looking but drives me wherever I go

The people:

Big Apple doughnuts. I love their duren duren to bits because I love anything with durians. Can't get enough of them!
real durian meat inside

Durian ice-cream, another favourite of mine. The durian taste is so strong that I think the durian meat was literally blended into cream. It's can be found in the small stall called 'tasty corner' located directly opposite Big Apple in Bintang megamall.

Not only this dish called 'dian mian mu' (in foochow) but others too!

and not to mention the drinks as well: teh-c beng special or 三色奶茶

There are still quite a few more pictures which I need to upload but I havent got them in my laptop now. This post will continue soon. Tata!


mil0chel said...

i love ding bian hu.. onli can geddit in miri...

Gabriel said...

ah...missing miri ad...