Sunday, September 27, 2009


Magnificent view from the hilltop ain't it?Something you can't get in Msia

I'm off to the District Hospitals for a one week placement. The last hospital I went to had sheep 'baa-ing' right outside my window when I woke up. Very serene, peaceful and quiet environment.

Am looking forward to this placement as I will not be able to go online as often as I do as internet is not available in my dorm. I see this as a form of control to my internet addiction as I can't live without it.



William said...

very nice! make sure that you take lots of pictures. You won't get to see those things all the time.

Canon In D 1909 said...

OMG. Cameron Highlands don't even have 10% of the scenery. So nice. Take care ya. :D

Janice said...

daddy: that one was taken in Peak District..

Canon in D 1909: yeah...UK countryside scenery is superb!