Sunday, October 04, 2009


I got back from my district hospital placement on Friday.

The condition in the flat was so bad I understood why people rather travel to and fro from Leeds instead of opting to stay there. There wasn't any heating at all, the door to my flat is unable to lock, kitchen window lock is broken and no hot water kettle.

Maybe I have been pampered too much in my previous accommodation so my expectations were high on this one. Nevertheless there are some good points to my one-week stay in it - as it was old, no deposit was required for the room, the shower room was big, there were hand towels provided in the kitchen & toilet, many power sockets (but I don't need many) and washing liquid was provided in the kitchen.

To give you an idea of how ancient the building is, this is a picture of the switch:

definitely built before I was born

The light directly on top of my bed shining so bright I felt like a neonate receiving phototherapy for jaundice.

Fortunately I was only there for a week


William said...

Hahaha... good experience for you!

The switch is old. I think it was made in the 20's! Took any other photos?

Janice said...

wa even older than daddy? i took the cupboards but din take pic of the building.

mousie said...

eh??? Where did you stay? I was quite happy staying in Pinderfields leh... hm... I am sure the heating is working... just that you need to switch it on yourself...just turn a dial which is at the side of the heater... You can actually complain and request for another room cos I did that once... especially if the door is no able to lock!

Janice said...

I met the cleaner on the first day and she told me that the heater is not on yet even tho lots of ppl hv requested it to be switched on. She gave me an extra blanket jz in case I felt cold. I asked a few residents in the building and they all told me that dun hv heating. one of the girl said she felt so cold she had to sleep with her coat every night

mousie said...

whoaaaaaaaaaa........ this is the first time i am hearing such things... You staying at Pinders? I stayed there twice and the heating was great!! haha... So hot that I had to open the windows during winter... We had heating all the way till summer...