Wednesday, October 07, 2009

3-layered tea!

When I was in Miri, I had the opportunity to try the Teh C Special or 三色奶茶 which I grew to like but couldn't drink very often because I found it very sweet. Think about the calories! tsk tsk tsk

Anyway, when I went back to UK, I brought back a small container of gula Apong because I didn't manage to make the Teh C Special when I was back in Miri. The tea tasted more of evaporated milk because I think the tea I used wasn't strong and concentrated enough.

1. add in the amount of gula apong according to your liking
2. add in ice
3. Then using a spoon (you know the Chinese spoon you use to eat porridge with?), slowly tilt the evaporated milk to the side of the cup. (I usually use 4 chinese-spoons of evaporated milk lol)
4. Repeat the same for the tea.

and you've got the 3 layered-tea!

PS: someone told me that some people pour the 3 layered tea contents in reverse order, ie, the tea first, milk and then sugar. I have not seen it before but if you do, please tell me yea :P

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