Tuesday, October 13, 2009

so stressed!

Sigh. In 4th year we have to get feedback from doctors for history taking and examination. It's very easy if we could get any doctors to sign, for example fy1/2, staff grade docs as I could clerk any patients in the A&E and present it to these doctors.

But they limit it to registrars and consultants!! argh!! it's nearing the end of this week (next week is my last but I won't be around in the hospital :( )and I still hvnt got any signed off yet!

I havent felt so stressed for a long time already but by hook or by crook, I really have to get these things done. sigh


mousie said...

soon it will be my turn... but before that i need to stress over my stupid job application form........................................ damn sien...

William said...

Take it easy...just make an effort to go and have it signed off. As I said in one of my blogs "Eat that frog" and you shall be set free.

mousie: Job application? Need help or not with your resume?