Friday, September 11, 2009

class started

Classes has finally started.

It feels weird when I stepped into the house after not being there for 3 months. It looked different. And smelt different too!

Fortunately the first week of the term wasn't that harsh for me. I had days off on Tues and Thurs so I had time to catch up on my sleep due to the lack of it in the plane.

Still missing everyone much at home.

me parents:

me brothers:

me rabbit! Seems like you have gained weight after I have gone ehhh?
super cute dagui

my friends!

Ai Fei (the girl in the bottom pic, on the left just in case you dunno how I look like) has been my bestest friend for 16 yrs. Time flies! She isn't as lucky as some of us who is able to study overseas or even just over the South China Sea, but I really admire her determination to work and study at the same time. Tuition fees and car loan all forked out from her own pocket! Stay strong girl...I hope things will get better for you


I can't believe that I have just updated 2 entries. It something which happens once in a bluemoon. I have lost the zest to blog anymore as I feel that time is better spent sleeping than writing blog. tsk tsk tsk. It's almost 12am now, I have decided to keep a healthy sleeping habit. Nite nite now I'm gonna hit the sack.

PS: ohhh I probably blog about the mole hahaha if things turn out well. i'm so glad that i'm no more working already! but with hectic 4th yr schedule + SSCs, i cant slack too much


mousie said...

the rabbit looks so relax here... cutie... but i think he's scared of me leh...

Janice said...

then u hv to sayang him more hehe