Monday, April 19, 2010

An incident I will never forget

I was writing my essay nice and comfortable in my room.

Suddenly I heard this loud sound of someone banging against the kitchen door. It was so great I felt as if the whole house shook. Followed by someone tugging forcefully at the door handle several times.

Esther and steph who were in the kitchen at that time said they were shouting, "POLICE!! POLICE" with deafening sounds of banging of the kitchen door.

And then the next thing I heard was that the sound of the door banging has shifted to the front door. I could feel the door resisting their bangs but was on the verge of breaking down.

Then suddenly, 'PRAAAANNNNGGGGG' one of the windows was smashed.

Very soon, I heard quick, anxious footsteps stumbling up the stairs and two extremely nervous and scared-faced people appeared in front of the bedroom door.


In the midst of chaos and confusion, Steph struggled to lock the room door, I fumbled to look for my phone but I couldn't find it. Esther finally found it and dialed 999 for the police.

Thank God no one was injured in this incident.

My housemate who was staying in the 2nd floor upstairs saw a gang of 6 hooligans with hoodies over their faces roaming around the backyard.

The kitchen window was smashed by a brick at a great force because not only the window was smashed but the bottom bit of the cupboard came off, the wall was scratched and the stove was dented as well. That must have been one hell of strength to cause such impact. Thank God Steph and Esther left the kitchen or else the brick might have hit them and it was the kitchen window that was smashed and not the living room window because Lynda happened to be at the living room window dozing off.

Damage done:
the smashed kitchen window

the cupboard

the brick (part of it chipped off when it was thrown in)

pieces of glasses everywhere

The police came within 30 min and reassured us that it was highly unlikely for the hooligans to come back again. They spoke to the house agent on behalf of us to request for the repair of the kitchen window to be done urgently tonight but up till now at 12.13am, no one has come to repair the window yet.

we were shaking and trembling uncontrollably and my legs were like jelly after the incident. It was so scary lor! I seriously really thought they were carrying weapons and were going to attack us! What an experience!

ps: more details of the incident can be found on steph's facebook

update: a repair man replaced the window with a plywood and someone would come a few days later to fix it.

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mousie said...

Hope the police will catch them all one day... hmph!