Friday, April 02, 2010

Things that need to be done

♥ ♥ ♥
1. book airtickets to go home!! (finally booked! such a relief!)
2. sort out electives! (another headache)
3. elective project (half done!)
4. edit lit review
5. reflective log
6. finish revising psych and gp (3/4 done!)
7. finish revising paeds!
8. finish revising c4


ngyangmin said...

how much? what airline? when?

Janice said...

663pounds! emirates. flying on 5th July :) quite ex ah but that's the cheapest i can find ( airasia also around the same after adding up all the hidden costs)

ngyangmin said...

ohh. your holiday so early! i'm flying 2nd aug. 650 pounds Etihad. i was waiting for promo lah! mana tau prices keep on hiking. damn scared whey. if i buy like 2 week earlier i could've gotten 550 pounds on air asia or Oman Air.

Janice said...

wa slightly cheaper! Actually 650 pounds is considered quite reasonable already. last yr i helped my sis checked for air tix around that time and it was about 800+pounds even tho they were abt to book in Feb that time!in the end they booked airasia

haih the same here! I dun dare wait for promo already coz last two days my air tix was 50pounds cheaper!

mousie said...

how did you manage to make those "heart-shaped" thingy? so cute...