Tuesday, January 03, 2012

hello 2012

it's 2012. cant believe how time flies. i remember when i first started med school in 2006, 2011 sounded so far away but now 2011 has ended and it's 2012. i'm getting old *shudders*

right...reflections for 2011! i cant really remember bad things that happened last year, either there wasn't any bad memories or my memory selectively remembers the good things. heheh.

1. friendships
I think we kinda grew closer this year because Y was staying together with MH and Thz in the same apartment. So we always visited them and ended up playing games at their house on most weekends.

2. went to graduation ball and had the best time of my life.

3. went to barcelona and germany with the siblings.

breathtaking view at Montserrat

kognisee, germany - would love to go back there again

4. cell group
was a cell group leader and got to know many of my cell members! Stressful at times but God led me through and I miss those times of leading.

5. i graduated!! and started work
graduating marked the close of one chapter and the opening of another in my life. The transition from a student to a young professional and the change from the familiar to an unknown environment.

i have stopped writing new year resolutions because I don't think I fulfilled any of them. haha. Not going to post them on this blog either or else paiseh if I don't meet them.

This year new year was different because I didn't choose to spend it in Leeds but in Hull. It was celebrated with sis (not with steph tho coz she was working) and a few friends. it was a small cosy group which I particularly liked because it wasn't very cramp and there were lots of food. No pictures yet but will post (if i have time) when i get the pics.

happy new year! :)

PS: oklah i changed my mind, maybe i should write my new year resolutions. the list is not exhaustive though:
1. get driving licence
2. do an audit (or at least one)
3. maintain weight
4. pass foundation year 1
5. get a boyfriend lol
6. get involved in a mission trip
7. achieve something which is non-clinical (haih need to start preparing for CMT)