Friday, January 13, 2012

i have always been a fond reader of Roald Dahl to the point i bought the whole set of his books. I remembered the first book i read was Mathilda and it was so entertaining, funny, and unique. I loved the illustrations that went with it because i thought the odd-looking stick drawings of the people somehow fit in with the quirkiness of the story.

anyway, I have been reading thsi book called 'kiss kiss' on my way to work. never have i felt more entertained in the bus than before hahah. the short stories which i have read so far were quite morbid but i love the unexpected ending in each of them. just like when watching an intense, suspenseful movie, you could feel your heart thumping against your chest. This book gives you the same feeling of wanting to know what will happen next just that you have to read it slowly so that you don't miss the sequence.

don't know why i wrote this post because I don't see the purpose of it but this is just one of my daily ramblings of what my rather unexciting life. I remember when i was still a student, I used to read revision books in the bus but phew, I don't do that now. thank you Roald Dahl for making my trip to work less boring :)

PS: oh...I'm might be going for a holiday to Madrid in feb! I think it was an impulsive move to book my tickets even before my leave was approved but because the airtickets offer was ending soon and I had to do something quick. cant wait!


Gabriel said...

bring me! i want to go!

William said...

I also want to go! By the way, you will soon be reading text book again! hehe...
How are you celebrating your Chinese New Year. I know that you probably have to work. So on that day, you wear something different and nice! I remember 30+ years ago, all the Chinese students of my class decided to put on tie on new year day.