Monday, May 15, 2006

There is a kind of people which i utterly dislike most...

Taxi drivers.

Grrr...they could drive you up the wall...

Case 1:
Location: Subang Carrefour
Esther and I wanted to go to Julee's house to get the chocs Steph gave us. There wasn't any problem finding a taxi as there were many taxis waiting outside the KTM station.

Janice: ada guna meter tak?
taxi man: ada...pergi mana?
Janice: tempat ini ( I showed him the address)
taxi mana: RM10

wah...this man wanted to eat my money under broad daylight. I immediately stormed off. SO teruk these people, you think i don't know anything hah...want to eat my Esther and I just walked off, we didn't even bother to turn back to that taxi man. The taxi man, realising that he couldn't cheat our money, quickly said, 'ok, ok RM8.' But we still continued walking. Fortunately we continued walking, we managed to find another taxi man who charged us 'reasonably' at RM5 without meter, still quite expensive though.

Case 2:
Location: Subang Carrefour (happened on the same day)
It was rather late at night so Esther and I decided to use a taxi back. So we approached a taxi driver in front of a tree in front of Subang Carrefour.
Janice: ada guna meter tak?
Taxi driver: (didn't say anything) pergi mana?
Janice: Bukit Jalil.
Taxi driver: Rm30.

This taxi driver is even worse. Try to cheat me into paying RM30 to Bukit Jalil. You think I'm going to KLIA or what?
Then the taxi driver went on saying

Taxi driver: Memang begini harga ini. Pergi Bukit Jalil perlu lalu tol RM5. Kemudian di sana, tentu saya tidak akan dapat customer, saya akan balik sini, jadi perly bayar tol Rm5 lagi. Jadi, kamu tengok saya perlu bayar tol RM10.

I was quite mad at that time but didn't show out. I would have shouted at him but didn't. You think I bodohkah? See me and Esther innocent looking, dunno anything one...Where got toll so expensive? unless I'm going Seremban or something...From what I know, the toll to Bukit Jalil is only Rm1.00 for normal cars and for taxis, it's half price,ie Rm0.50. So terrible these people.

Case 3:
I thought this taxi driver wanted to cheat my money coz he charged Rm1 for the car boot(it's actually normal for taxi driver to charge RM1 for boot). But that wasn't the reason I got angry with him...
Location: Sri Petaling Carrefour
The first impression the taxi driver gave me wasn't that good. When we managed to halt the taxi and he got out from the car to help us put the shoppings in the boot, he started rummaging though our plastic bags. 'Ada beli daging tak?' he asked. He didn't wait for us to answer, but instead helped himself with the plastic bags. I said got, then he said the daging cannot put into the boot and must put on the 'kaki' or else 'nanti kereta saya jadi basah and busuk'.

I thought he would only say it once but instead, when we got into the car, he started looking thought our plastic bags on our laps. 'mana daging itu?' he asked. He kept asking, and I was a bit sien so didn't bother to answer him. In the end, I saw him still looking at our plastic bags so I said 'sini'..I could have shouted but didn't. Then he started saying the same thing again...grrr....he said the taxi bukan disewa punya, dia punya...he on pencen...bla bla bla..then he said very proudly he's from the koperasi tentera in Melaka. Silly. Who cares you are from koperasi or are taxi driver now. Then he started talking about the daging again. And what infuriariated me more was that at the red traffic light, he actually looked back and make sure the 'daging' is still on my lap. If he's so scared that i put the meat on his kereta, why don't i just put the daging on his lap then he can drive without having to worry so much. Because I was sitting on my purse at that time, so I'd to change my sitting position a bit so as to retrive my purse. So during that process, I kinda made quite a lot of 'plastic' noise. Then the stupid taxi driver said,' ah, ah...saya ada dengar suatu, jangan letak daging pada kereta saya.' I tell you, I could feel my blood boiling inside me. The more he repeating something, the more rebellous i become. I don't really like being told many times, some more being told rudely. Grrr...

Anyway, finally we reached the condo. I wasn't really happy at him. and when Irene (esther's friend0 asked him how much, he said RM4.50. I was shocked coz I didn't know he included the boot anger somehow exploded, 'mengapa Rm4.50, bukan Rm3.50 kah?' I asked. I nearly said 'kamu ini tipu orang' but didn't..haha...Irene quickly shove RM0.50 into his hands seeing that I've already given him RM4. If she didn't do that, I would have refused to give the boot money to the taxi driver.

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